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New co-operation with the American box is emerging  

The sportsman of our academy, Huszár Dávid is attending, through an international education program, a school in the USA. He continues the sporting activity at the Fullmer Brother Boxing Gym boxing club in Salt Lake City. He will be a legitimate boxer in competitions organized by the US Boxing Federation. This is an important first step in the cooperation between the boxing activity in Gheorgheni and the boxing world in the US.

Mr. Huszár Árpád, the president of our club, visited his son Dávid in the US. During the journey, they also tried to build relationships with important sportsmen in America. They visited training facilities in New York, Salt Lake City and Washington. They met with Mr. Yuri Foreman, former boxing world champion.

They agreed that Mr. Foreman would visit Gheorgheni, where he would organize a training camp specific for the athletes here. The exact date of the visit will be set in the following months.

Mr. Huszár Árpád's visit in the U.S. had another important result. A bilateral program is set up whereby the talented young boxers of our academy will be able to acquire experience in the world of American boxing. "It is a great chance for our children," says Mr. Huszár Árpád.

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We had guests: the athletes of Madárfészek Ökölvívó Akadémia club of Budapest 

It is almost a tradition for the athletes of the Madárfészek Ökölvívó Akadémia club of Budapest to have the winter training camp in Gheorgheni. In January, for a week, we had several joint trainings both in the training room and outdoors.

For example: Athletes had harsh running programs of many miles on steep snowy roads. We also went hiking, where we reached the top of Mount Délhegy, after 22 kilometers of roads with 70-80 cm of snow. We can say: we had unforgettable days.

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We organized the first "Székely Régió" Cup  

On the 19th of December 2018 we organized our first boxing contest in Gheorgheni. The two boxing clubs of Miercurea Ciuc, the Markos Béla Academy Club and the Spartan Club participated at the Fit Point fitness center, in our training room.

Boxing contestants from Gheorgheni, Kolumbán Róbert, Csiki Róbert, Csibi Eduárd, Tóth Szilárd Szabolcs, Pál Szilveszter, Búzás Róbert, Popa Ionica, Vajda István, Garai Endre, Benedek Péter, Illyés Alpár and Tóth Anna had very good results at this competition. Their achievements brought them medals, diplomas of merit and many applauses.

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Very good results in Salonta  

On the 15th – 16th of December 2018 the "Teodor Silaghi" Memorial Cup was held in Salonta, where the young athletes of Erdélyi Godako Boxing Academy also participated. For them (Kolumbán Róbert, Csíki Róbert, Tóth Szilárd Szabolcs, Popa Ionică, Páll Szilveszter, Búzás Róbert and Vajda István), the participation in this contest was the first public performance. They all achieved remarkable results.

Csíki Róbert, Kolumbán Róbert and Búzás Róbert won the first place, Tóth Szilárd and Popa Ionica achieved ties.

Kolumbán Róbert made it to the finals, but after a very difficult match he got second place, like Vajda István.

We also have to mention that in their first matches our boxers defeated or got a tie in matches against far more experienced opponents.

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In the first months of 2018, we held recruitment trainings in the Gheorgheni area. I met many talented and sprightly children in Joseni, Suseni, Valea Strâmbă and Ciumani. Many of them have enrolled in our Academy, the number of children who practice boxing now at our center has reached 50.

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The debut of the Erdélyi Godako Boxing Academy athletes was in December 2017, at the December Cup in Miercurea Ciuc. We participated with 9 athletes at this competition, and all of them won the first place: Ferencz Eszter (48 kg), Török Eszter (56 kg), Farkas József (42 kg), Czink György (51 kg), Berszán Szilárd (54 kg), Kolumbán Róbert (57 kg), Huszár Dávid (69 kg), Benedek Szilveszter (101 kg).

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In 2017, at the final of the women's boxing championship in Hungary, the 17-year-old athlete from Gheorgheni, Ferencz Eszter, achieved a historic result. She won the first gold medal for Erdélyi Godako Boxing Academy.

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After several years of training, the first student of our academy, Huszár Dávid, entered the ring in 2016. He reached the semifinals of the Hungarian Boxing Championship in the juniors' category II.



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