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JUNE 20-27, 2022

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Program Gheorgheni Open

Tuesday 21 June:
  • 8:00 - 9:00 Daily Weigh In and Medical Examination – Muskatli pension
  • 12:00 - 13:00 Opening Ceremony – City Centre
  • 15:00 - 18:00 First Session – Godako Hall
  • 18:30 - 20:30 Second Session – Godako Hall

22 June - 26 June:
  • 8:00 - 9:00 Daily Weigh In and Medical Examination – Muskatli Pension
  • 14:00 - 17:00 First Session – Godako Hall
  • 17:30 - 20:00 Second Session – Godako Hall

Open Gheorgheni, official opening

At noon on Tuesday, athletes lined up behind the flags of 13 countries in the centre of Gheorgheni to take part in the opening ceremony of the Gheorgheni Open international competition.

Here, Árpád Huszár, the head of the host Transylvanian Godako Boxing Sports Club, Deputy Mayor Emil Len, the President of the Romanian Boxing Federation Vasile Câtea, the Secretary General Daniel Ion and the Tournament Director Viorel Sima welcomed the competitors. The delegate of the EUBC, Henrik Tavio from Finland, also addressed the audience.

At the opening ceremony, the athletes' oaths were recited in Romanian by Nela Nițu, in Hungarian by Lívia Kozma and in English by Matia Bender from Croatia.

The event closed with Vivien Oláh singing the hit song Eye of the Tiger, also known as the anthem of boxing.


Future world champions meet at the Gheorgheni Open


More than two hundred athletes from thirteen countries will compete in the Gheorgheni Open boxing tournament. This is the first international tournament of its kind, but the plan is to organise it regularly from year to year.

On Tuesday at 12.00, will be held the opening ceremony of the Gheorgheni Open international tournament in the town's main square, followed at 15.00 by the first series of matches at the Transylvanian Godako Boxing Sports Centre.

"It's a great honour for the Transylvanian Godako Boxing Sports Club, but also for the city, that we were awarded the right to host the tournament. We have to ensure a high level of organisation that will stand up to international standards", says Árpád Huszár, the president of the sports club.

Viorel Sima, representative of the Romanian Boxing Federation (FRB), said that organising such an event is not an easy task and requires a considerable financial effort, but it is worth it: the sport can be the best ambassador for the country and the city, giving it the opportunity to gain recognition outside its borders. This year will be the first edition of the Gheorgheni Open, but he hopes that it will become a traditional event for many years to come. He thanked the city and county governments for recognizing its importance and supporting its organization. Deputy Mayor Emil Len stressed that boxing, which has emerged as a new sport, has become one of the prides of Gheorgheni, and promised the support of the municipality for the years to come.

The Gheorgheni Open will bring together the best of the U14 and U16 age groups, and it is no exaggeration to say that there will be some of them who will become world and Olympic champions in time and gain their first international experience in Gheorgheni.

The children will also meet role models such as Ferenc Vastag, a four-time world champion, and Dorel Simion, who was also a world champion. It is expected that the foreign delegations will also include people who can boast similar careers.

The Gheorgheni Open will hold its technical meeting and draw on Monday, with matches starting at 15:00 on Tuesday and at 14:00 on the other days, which can also be followed live on the event's YouTube page, but all sports fans are welcome to come to the stands to cheer on the young boxers of Gheorgheni," said Csaba Barabás, head of the Arbor Entrepreneurs Association, which is coordinating the event.

Press conference on the Gheorgheni Open


The deadline for entries has not yet closed, but it is already known that at least 13 national teams, about 250 athletes will be present at the Gheorgheni Open international tournament.

According to Árpád Huszár, head of the host club Asociatia Club Sportiv de Box Godako Din Transilvania, 13 countries have already registered one day before the deadline, meaning that the national teams of Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Israel, Ukraine, Greece, Slovakia, Moldova, Bulgaria, and Hungary will be present in Gheorgheni, as well as the bests athletes from Romania.

The main organiser of the event is the Romanian Boxing Federation.

The press conference was attended by Tibor Csergő, Mayor of the city, who underlined that the performance of the boxers from Gheorgheni over the last one and a half years is unprecedented. The local government has a duty to support such a competition. Gheorgheni Gheorgheni is contributing 40,000 lei to the organisation of the Gheorgheni Open and, as Csaba Barabás, head of the Arbor Association, which is coordinating the event, added, the Harghita County Council is supporting the event with 50,000 lei.

The event will start on 20 June.


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